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StuntMaster RR w/Brushless Motor/ESC/Servos

SKU: 4041033062937
Manufacturer part number: M264293
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Manufacturer: Multiplex


This is the Electric Powered, Radio Controlled
Receiver Ready Stuntmaster Airplane from Multiplex.
Receiver Ready version includes Servos, Motor and ESC.


Construction: Elapor foam
Wing: One-piece
Motor: PERMAX BL-O 2206-1050 brushless motor
Electronic Speed Control: MULTIcont 18A
Propeller: 9x5" plastic, orange in color
Spinner: 1.6" (40mm) diameter Elapor foam
Servos: Three MS-12016, 0.28oz (8g)
90 day limited warranty through Multiplex beginning at date of


Wingspan: 34.2" (870mm)
Overall Length: 36.5" (928mm)
All-up Weight: 12.3oz (350g)
Total Surface Area: 372 sq in (24 sq dm)
Wing Loading: 4.8 oz sq ft (14.6 g/sq dm)
Center of Gravity: 3-3/4 - 4-1/8" (95 - 105mm) measured from the
leading edge of the wing at the root
Control Throws;
Classic Aerobatic Flight 3D Aerobatic Flight
Rudder: 3.15" (80mm) 50% Expo 4.3" (110mm) 60% Expo
Elevator: 1.6" (40mm) 40% Expo much as possible 60% Expo
Ailerons: 1.4" (35mm) 40% Expo 3.75" up, 3" down 60% Expo
Linear Mixing: 2% aileron to rudder 5% aileron to rudder