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Rascal 110 ARF (Red)

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Manufacturer part number: SIGRC84EGVARFR
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Manufacturer: SIG



The SIG RASCAL 110 ARF is the giant version of the Rascal legend. It is truly a beauty to behold, mesmerizing those who see it. Its flight characteristics are just as beautiful, with thousands of R/C pilots making it their everyday plane of choice. That isn't something you can say about most giants! The addition of flaps now makes this great plane even better. The RASCAL 110 ARF performs aerial maneuvers better than other high-wing planes as a result of its high performance airfoil and streamlining. It performs Cuban 8s, point rolls, slow rolls and extended inverted flight with ease.

The RASCAL 110 ARF features a wingspan of over 9 feet and ultra-light wing loading. It capably handles all workhorse applications such as onboard camera, video and FPV (First Person Vision). Banners, glider tows, parachute drops or any other load-carrying task are no problem for this giant, and it is especially suited for water takeoffs and landing with the addition of floats. Add lights for an exciting night flying experience sure to captivate your neighbors on the lake!

The detail and finish of the SIG RASCAL 110 ARF construction is masterful. Beautifully covered with premium UltraCote® transparent film, the precision-fit wood frame shows through for additional visual impact (blue UltraCote® covering).


Precise Control with:

  • Wing-Mounted Ailerons & Flap Servos
  • Aft-Mounted Direct Drive Elevator Servos
  • Pull-Pull Rudder System


Wing Span: 110 inches (2794 mm)

Wing Area: 1522 sq. inches (98.2 dm2)

Length: 75.75 inches (1924 mm)

Flying Weight: 11 - 13 lbs. (4990 - 5897 g) 

Wing Loading: 17 - 20 oz./sq.ft. (51 - 60 g/dm2)

Glow Power: 2-Stroke 1.2 - 1.5 cu. in. (19.7 - 24.6 cc)

                  4-Stroke 1.2 - 1.8 cu. in. (19.7 - 29.5 cc)

Gas Power: 1.2 - 1.5 cu.in. (19.7 - 24.6 cc)

Electric Power: 1600-2600 watt (200-270 kv) Brushless Motor;

80-120A ESC; 8S-10S Lipo Battery Pack

Radio Req.: 5-Channel with 7 Heavy-Duty Servos