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Nobler C/L .35-.46 ARF 50.5"

This is the Glow Powered, Almost Ready-to-Fly, Top Flite Nobler Control Line .40 size Model Airplane.
SKU: 707768010059
Manufacturer part number: TOPA1005
Availability: Out of stock
Manufacturer: Top Flight


Construction: Balsa and plywood 
Wings: One-piece, pre-covered with pre installed bellcrank and cable lead-outs 
Covering: Factory applied adhesive backed Top Flite MonoKote 
Cowling: Pre-painted, fiberglass-reinforced 
Canopy: Single, clear 
Landing Gear: Pre-bent fixed wire, .12" (3mm) diameter with two 2½" (65mm) foam wheels, .059" (1.5mm) diameter tail wheel wire with one ¾" (19mm) foam wheel 
Engine Mount: Wooden non-adjustable, built-in to fuselage 
Building Time: Ready to fly in only 4-6 hours. 
Warranty Period: Top Flite warrants this kit free from defects in both material and workmanship at the date of purchase. Warranty does not cover any component parts damaged by use or modification.


Pre-built and covered fuselage wing and tail sections, wheels, decals, hinges, hardware, fiberglass cowl, wooden engine mount, plastic fuel tank, pushrods, and photo-illustrated manual.


Engine: .35-.46 cu in (5.7-7.5cc) 2-stroke
Muffler: Stock type supplied with engine 
Control line, handle, and connectors 
Misc. Items: medium fuel tubing, spinner, fuel filter, propeller, fuel line plug, building and field equipment.


Wingspan:     50.5" (1285") 
Wing Area:   500 sq in (32.2 sq dm) 
Wing Loading: 12-14oz/sq ft (37-43g/sq dm)
Weight:       42-50oz (1190-1420g) 
Length:       38.5" (980mm) tip of rudder to tip of spinner 
Airfoil:      Fully symmetrical 
Center of Gravity: 2½" (65mm) Back from the wing's leading edge on both sides of the belly pan


Factory covered with Top Flite Sapphire Blue MonoKote, TOPQ0226     
Spinner shown in photo is a 1¾" (45mm) aluminum, GPMQ4551           
Stock numbers for the replacement Canopy and Cowl are wrong in the instructions. Correct part number for the Cowl is TOPQ8500 and for the Canopy TOPQ8501. 
The 4oz metal fuel tank has been updated to a plastic 6oz tank Stock number for new tank is GPMA2552