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GWS-15 EDF-64 & BL-2028 RC Electric Plane Gray

SKU: 842142103672
Manufacturer part number: GWAEO027F
Availability: Out of stock
Manufacturer: GWS


  • Guarantee Brand New GWS GWS-15 RC Electric Jet Plane (Grey)

  • Model:GWAEO027F


  • Wing Span:900mm      (35.4in)

  • Wing Area:23.9dm2      (370.45sq in)

  • Length:1050mm (41.3in)    

  • Flying Weight:850-1000g (30-35.3oz)

  • Wing Loading:35.5-41.8g/ dm2(10.7-12.6oz/sq ft)

  • Power System:GWSEDF64-B;2028x2 or BL2215/BL3008 (Pusher Version)

  • Propeller:HD9050X3(Pusher Version)

  • Transmitter:4CH or above

  • Receiver:GWS-R6NⅡ/R8M/R8MSL

  • Servo:PARK?+NARO?/NARO?

  • Speed Controller:GWESC25Ax2 or GWESC25A/GWESC35A (Pusher Version)

  • V-Tail Mixer:GW/V-TAIL

Package Contents

  • GWS GWS-15 RC Electric Jet Plane Grey

  • Injection molded foam parts

  • All pushrods and hardware

  • Landing Gear and Wheels

  • Clear Canopy

  • Decal Sheet

  • EDF-64 Ducts and Rotors

  • Servo Y cable for dual ESCs and servo extensions

  • Dual GWS BL-2028 Brushless Motors

  • Steerable nose wheel    

  • User Manual

Requires For Full-Flying Stabilizers: (Not Include In Package)

  • 2 - Mini Servos - GWS Park, Blue Bird BMS-380MG or equivalent

  • Transmitter with v-tail/elevon mixing, or on-board v-tail/elevon mixer

Requires For Separate Aileron/Elevator Control: (Not Include In Package)

  • 4 - Micro Servos - GWS Naro, Blue Bird BMS-306 or equivalent

Requires For All Configurations: (Not Include In Package)

  • 1 - Micro Servo for nose wheel steering - GWS Naro, Blue Bird BMS-306 or equivalent    

  • 1 - 6 Channel Receiver: Corona RS-610 Berg Microstamp 7P, or equivalent     

  • Servo Y cable (not required if using flaperon mix on a 5-6 channel receiver)     

  • Dual 25amp to 35amp Brushless ESCs

  • 11.1V or 14.8V 1500mah - 2500mah 15C (or greater) Lithium Polymer Battery

  • 1 - ParkBEC 5.0V - highly recommended when using 4 servos and 11.1V batteries