Bind and Fly (BNF)/ TX-R

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360 CFX BNF Basic

The Blade® 360 CFX mini-heli is an advanced pilot’s grab-n-go dream machine. It’s a high-voltage motor system gives you the feeling of flying an unlimited 3D helicopter that’s much larger for a next-generation level of performance.

Blade 230s BNF

The Blade® 230 S helicopter is the ideal platform for getting started in aerobatic helicopters because innovative SAFE® technology and its progressive flight mode system makes flying a collective pitch heli easy, even if you’re a beginner.

Axe 100 CX Helicopter TX-R SLT

This is the Electric Powered, 2.4GHz Radio Controlled, Tx-R (Transmitter Ready) Heli-Max Axe 100 CX Helicopter. For Beginning RC Heli Pilots. This is the Tx-R (Transmitter Ready) version that includes an E-Board. May be flown with any compatible 4-ch transmitter with the SLT (Secure Link Technology) system such as the Tactic TTX404, TACJ2404.