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Battery Charger / Balancer Cables

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3S Battery Balance Plug Extension 300mm Adapter

By: Team Integy

P/N: C24410


4-Pin Balance Connector Extension w/10" C.C. Wires

By: Thunder Power RC



4S RC Filtered Balance Lead TX Supply

By: Fat Shark

P/N: FSV1607


AC Power Supply for Traxxas 2-4 Amp DC Charger

By: Traxxas

P/N: 2976


Adapter Cables for THP Battery to EFL Balancer

By: E-flite

P/N: EFLA229

This adapter cable set allows you to connect 2S 7.4V, 3S 11.1V, 4S 14.8V and 5S 18.5V Thunder Power (and compatible) balance connector equipped batteries to JST XH (and compatible) balance connector equipped balancers and balancing chargers.

Adapter Old Trx to iD Battery Connector

By: Traxxas

P/N: 2938


Balance Charging Cable 3 in 1 , Type PHR,2

By: Microheli Co. Ltd



Charge Lead Adapter (2S to JST)

By: ParkZone

P/N: PKZ1053


Charge Lead Glo-Starter (All)

By: Hobbico

P/N: HCAP0107


Charge Leads w/Alligator Clips 12" (304mm) (2)

By: Tactic

P/N: TACP0108


Dual Charging Adapter for 2S LiPO Batteries

By: Traxxas

P/N: 2917


EC3 Battery Connector with 4" Wire, 13AWG

By: E-flite


EC3 Battery Connector with 4-inch, 13-gauge wire lead for connecting to your battery. EC3 Device connectors are available to match up with the EC3 battery connectors.

ElectriFly Futaba Tx Charge Adapter

By: Great Planes

P/N: GPMM3100


Flight Pack High-Current Charge Adapter: Chroma

By: Blade

P/N: BLH8624


USB Charge Cord Dart Quadcopter

By: Estes

P/N: 4700


USB charge cord: FAZE

By: HobbyZone

P/N: HBZ8302


X4 Cable w/Temp Sensor

By: Hitec

P/N: 44159